Düsseldorf and Berlin, Germany-based rock quintet, Gifted Gambler got their start by gambling. No, seriously. The guys have log-since been friends when, one fateful evening, they were at a local casino and ended up winning big at craps. How big? According to the band, enough for them to quit their jobs, move, build a studio they dubbed “The Gambling House”, and focus on the band full-tine. Crazy, right?

Now, with their fifth member and vocalist, Mark, who is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Gifted Gambler is writing and recording their debut album. Proceeded by the lead single “Doing It To Me” (which can be seen below), we’re stoked to be debuting the official video for the second single “Got To Have It”, which is out everywhere on July 20th.

Speaking of the upcoming single and video there of, the guys noted:

“Our second release, ‘Got To Have It’, is a testament to first-hand experience with addiction. The objects of obsession may vary, but the symptoms remain the same. Shot in a former MTV studio in Budapest, we kept the atmosphere dark and minimalist. We wanted the video to reflect the urgency and stark, uncompromising drive of the music. There has to be something said about the rapture one can feel in single mindedness.”

With nearly 100k views, you should watch the “Doing It To Me” video.


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