Daring, adventurous heavy metal quintet Lords of the Trident have released their new video for “Burn It Down,” featuring Unleash The Archers’ lead singer Brittany Slayes. The album continues on the band’s quest to bring spectacular, entertaining and epic heavy metal to fans around the world which has kept them going now for seven full-length records.

“This video collaboration between myself and Brittney Slayes was SO metal, I felt like the only way I could do it justice was to set my own face on fire. However, the rest of the guys expressed concern that I ‘would only be able to do this once’, I found an alternative – summoning our faces out of fire! Make sure you’re wearing your most flame-retardant clothing before watching, as this video is likely to melt just about anything in a 15-foot radius!” comments singer Fang VonWrathenstein.

Shadows From The Past Track Listing:

01.Death Dealer
02. Zero Hour
03. Tormentor
04. Burn it Down (With Fire) Feat. Brittney Slayes (Unleash The Archers)
05. Figaro
06. The Party Has Arrived
07. Brothers of Cain
08. Reaper’s Hourglass
09. Chasing Shadows
10. The Nameless Tomb
11. The Gatekeeper