Ottawa thrash metallers Infrared, an influential part of the Canadian thrash scene since the ’80s, has released a lyric video for “Father of Lies” off of their new record Saviours. The album features eight new songs and it’s defined by its thrashy, aggressive, melodic and heavy sound.

Vocalist Armin Kamal comments on the track, stating, “Father of Lies’ – Is the most layered song on (our) em>Saviours album. It’s first three verses are pulled directly from the Bible which describes the Father of Lies (Satan), but the song moves to show the abuses of power from the clergy against its own practitioners, mainly children, in such an evil manner that it is clear they are no better than the father of lies they preach against. So here we have a group of people portraying themselves as saviours all while living complete lies and spewing lies in an effort to conceal and satisfy their sick desires.”

Saviours Track Listing:

01. Project Karma (6:48)
02. The Demagogue (6:52)
03. Saviour (6:04)
04. The Fallen (6:33)
05. All In Favour (5:51)
06. They Kill For Gods (7:41)
07. Father of Lies (5:55)
08. Genocide Convention (5:33)