Have you ever wondered which generalizations about the German people are true, and which are not? We have! So, we hit up the mench in Heruin, a heavy nu-metalcore quintet from Munich, Germany for their 2 cents. In return, we got this TOP 10 list of “Things People Think German Are, but Actually Aren’t”.

Whether you’re hearing about Heruin for the first time or not, the band released their Addict EP on May 11th via Famined Records and are now gearing up for some July tour dates with a yet-to-be-announced European festival appearance in October. Grab yourself some some band merch or the album itself via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music or Spotify.

01. Star Trek
– Germans are blunt and honest, but we are nothing but liars… or are we? But seriously, it’s pretty interesting that German culture is very serious in nature. I suppose our songs are very honest, but in-person we can be can be lying weirdos.

02. Punctuality
– Germans are always on time, but we never started a rehearsal when we actually planned to. We still put on crazy shows though, we promise. Shameless promotion: we’re hitting the road soon and excited to play live for our fans. We promise to break our habits and be on time.

Will you become a Heruin “Addict”? Watch their music video here.

03. Birthday Wishes
– Germans will never wish you a “Happy Birthday” before your actual birthday, but we actually do it on purpose just to piss you off. Happy Birthday! Celebrate everyday, motherfuckers!

04. Sodalicious
– For some reason, almost everybody in Germany prefers fizzy water, however we only drink tap water (which is really good in Germany). Fizzy water just tastes like ocean piss for rich people. Sorry, not sorry. We get down for H2O out the sink.

05. Downtime
– In Germany, all the shops are closed on Sundays. People here are enjoying their “quiet day,” but we’re actually just pissed off for not being able to shop on Sundays. Luckily, the heruin dealers are open 24/7. *wink*

06. Beverages
– Apparently, Germans will miss drinking “apfelschorle” (a mix of apple juice and fizzy water) when they go abroad, but actually we don’t drink that crap. Just like fizzy water, we think it’s nasty.

07. Gratuity
– Germans always tip the waiter, but we too broke fo dat shit. Too busy waiting for the EP to go platinum, then we’ll tip nicely.

08. Strategy
– Germans always have a plan, but we have no idea what we’re doing in life. Rocking out one day at a time.

09. Need for Speed
– Germans love to drive, but we don’t even have a fucking driver’s license. Thank god for tour bus drivers!

10. Pornography
– Statistically, Germans watch the most porn, but… actually, that’s damn right. Don’t even look at our internet history!

In case you have’t had enough, here’s the band’s full EP stream!


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