On July 6th, rock and roll’s hottest act, Greta Van Fleet, graced the REBEL stage for their first show of two, in Toronto. GVW is very much the real deal and everything you’ve heard about this band is 100% true. Josh Kiszka’s powerful voice is something to behold and that night, he walked on stage and welcomed the Toronto crowd with a bouquet of roses, proceeding to hand them out to the hot and screaming crowd before they ripped into “Highway Tune”.

The lightning guitar and bass playing of brothers Jacob and Samuel in “Edge of Darkness” is seriously jaw-dropping. You can tell the Kiszka Brother are truly in their element on stage and, at one point, Jacob would shred his guitar for a solid minute behind his head. However, all the work these three brothers do would not be without the insane, almost ninja-like drumming of Dan Wagner. His timing and frantic pace on the ol’ drum skins is one of the best we’ve seen.

If you were ever a fan of classic ’70s Zepplin-esque rock, be prepared to be transported back in time with the incredible stage presence of Greta Van Fleet. Check out the band’s newest album From the Fires to get a real feel for this incredible band.

Check out the band’s video for their hit single “Highway Tune”.