Oh happy day! Kilmarnock, Scotland’s fast-rising rock trio, Fatherson is set to return on September 14th, 2018, with a glorious new Claudius Mittendorfer-produced album titled Sum of All Your Parts via Easy Life Records. The new studio recording is now up for pre-order and the band – which consists of Ross Leighton (guitar, vox), Marc Strain (bass), and Greg Walkinshaw (skins) – has begun the usual promotional blitz by teasing us with new tunes and fun facts.

Riding the, er, waves of their lead single “Making Waves”, the lads were up for some journalistic fun so, going in line with the theme of “Sum of All Your Parts”, we pitched them a list of the world’s most obscure body parts to which they responded with literally the best TOP 10 possible. Check it out!

01. Ear Lobes
– Ear lobes are weird because they don’t do anything but droop down under your good looking ears and people have to shove metal in them to make them look less weird.

02. Weenus
– That weird bit of elbow scrag that you’ll never be able to get rid of!

03. Tear Duct
– The tear duct is weird because it’s the only part of your body that leaks on purpose.

04. Cankle
– Bill sums it up perfectly here!

05. Gums
– Gums are weird.

06. Monobrows
– One of us is the proud owner of a single brow and it takes a set of garden shears to get it to separate!

07. Septum
– Your septum is weird because it’s like a wall between your nostrils.

08. Uvula
– It’s actually my favourite body part on this list, because you can use it to sound like Chewbacca.

09. Belly Button
– If you’re an outit there’s something wrong there – they feel weird.

10. Coxix
– The weird name for the bottom of your spine and has nothing to do with the other body part it sounds like.

So, there you have it. The ten weirdest body parts as listed by Scottish rockers, Fatherson. Again, be sure to pre-order their new Claudius Mittendorfer-produced album Sum of All Your Parts ahead of its September 14th, 2018, release date. With much more news to come, get stoked on the below single and video!

The band are really “Making Waves” with this new song and video.


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