Bordeaux’s Exocrine are a relatively new technical death metal group with two records under their belt, and yet to make a significant dent on the scene. Previous releases Unreal Existence (2015) and Ascension (2017) were albums with very little going against them bar the production shortfalls one would expect from a band’s early releases, and if this level can be elevated now with the backing of Unique Leader Records, Exocrine have the potential to expand their fanbase very quickly with Molten Giant.

Opening track “Scorched Human Society” wastes no time introducing the rapid fretwork of virtuoso guitarist Sylvain Octor-Perez, which with the guttural vocals from bassist Jordy Besse, immediately makes a fan of the technical death metal genre feel settled with their sound. Musically, they’re closest to an amalgamation of Akeldama-era The Faceless and genre greats Necrophagist; with the ethereal facets of Fallujah adding atmosphere throughout the record, and barely a “core” element in sight – Molten Giant will find an admirer in genre purists. Mixing passion and precision, the album avoids falling into the trap of sterility that has ensnared some modern technical death metal releases, using the requisite technicality of its members tastefully whilst making songs accessible and having plenty of groove.

Commencing with somewhat slower and more deliberate riffing, track “Molten Giant” channels the presence and swagger of Gojira in its simple yet crushingly heavy character, before kicking into the blistering backdrop of the band’s exceptional musicianship. The album’s concept, of nuclear war between a Kaiju-style gigantic lava monster and the remaining human survivors on earth, is evoked by Exocrine’s apocalyptic sound, and with the already released track “Hayato”, lyrically the theme comes through strongly; “Its flames will burn me soon, and take the world with it.” With a concept record, it’s also of great commendation to the songwriting of Exocrine that each track works as a standalone, although Molten Giant is best experienced as one 35-minute aural pounding.

Check out the lyric video for “Hayato” to hear more about the Molten Giant.

Production duties are handled by HK Krauss, and in Molten Giant’s favour this is one of the most perfectly-produced technical death metal albums one could experience – particular recognition goes to the exhibition of Michaël Martin’s excellent performance on drums brought out by Krauss’ production and Mathieu Pascal‘s tracking; the latter bringing his prior experience from working with bands such as countrymates Gorod. Getting such a tight yet organic sound is no mean feat when the music is this complex.

While Exocrine’s previous releases slipped under the radar somewhat, now with the backing of a larger yet specialised label such as Unique Leader, they have the tools to grow at a rapid rate. This platform would be nothing without a record to back it up, and in Molten Giant Exocrine have a release of the quality to propel them immediately to the top tier of the technical death metal genre. Expect big things from this band in the very near future; Molten Giant is a titan of an album.

Molten Giant Track Listing:

01. Scorched Human Society
02. Hayato
03. Backdraft
04. Molten Giant
05. Flamewalkers
06. Lavaburst
07. Behind The Wall
08. The Shape of New World

Run Time: 34:38
Release Date: August 17, 2018
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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