Everclear has always been a band close to my heart, being that they formed in my hometown of Portland, OR more than 20 years ago. I remember seeing them at little venues around town, and leaving in awe. The “Summerland Tour” with Local H and Marcy Playground left me with the same feeling.

Everclear is far more than a one hit wonder from the ‘90s; they are one of those bands that has kept going. Their sound has evolved some, but they still stay rooted to their same original vibe, which is something I respect. The crowd left humming and singing their songs, after the great set of all their hits, and some newer songs. I look forward to more music and tours from Everclear, and I know by looking at the wide eyed enjoyment I saw on everyone’s face that night, the fans look forward to the same.

Everclear’s classic track “Everything To Everyone” is always worth a listen.