Following the release of his new EP, Hungry Ghost, Dorian Sorriaux, guitarist with Blues Pills spoke to us about his top guitarists from the ’60s and ’70s. Check out his list here:

1. Billy Gibbons
Dorian: “My favorite band as a kid was ZZ Top and that’s why I started playing guitar. Billy Gibbons has one of the best tone and feeling I’ve ever heard. He never plays too much and always chooses his notes really carefully and beautifully.”

2. John Martyn
Dorian: “One of my favorite acoustic guitar players, he was an extremely talented songwriter and musician. He could make his acoustic guitar sound like a spaceship underwater or he could do subtle and beautiful fingerpicking songs and it always feels so honest, authentic and raw.”

3. John Abercrombie
Dorian: “My favorite jazz player, I love his album “timeless”. The title track shows how technical guitar playing can also be filled with feelings and emotions. He could play notes you didn’t think was possible to put together while still remaining a catchy and beautiful guitar melody.”

4. Peter Green
Dorian: “So much feeling and beauty in his guitar playing that it’s hard to believe. I haven’t heard many guitar players that could play melodies that speaks to you the way Peter Green did in the early Fleetwood Mac.”

5. John Renbourn
Dorian: “I could’ve really well put Bert Jansch, both played guitar in the psych folk band pentangle. They are two of my biggest acoustic guitar heroes. I still try to understand how they could play such finger picking, super tight, smooth, beautiful and really technical.”

6. Paul Kossoff
Dorian: “What makes him absolutely stand out in my mind was his vibrato, I’ve never heard someone that can make a guitar cry like Kossoff did. Pure feeling and genius!”

7. Nick Drake
Dorian: “A really interesting guitar player, he developed his own style of finger picking. Quite melancholic and really emotional playing that has made him the legend he is today. You can hear his pain and struggles through is music, and that shows how deep in himself he went to write his songs.”

8. Michael Chapman
Dorian: “I love his first album “rainmaker”. Really nice 60’s psychedelic folk. He could be aggressive in his playing and more laid back, a lot of dynamics and feeling in his music.”

Hungry Ghost is out now.

Check out the video for “Hungry Ghost” by Dorrian Sorriaux here:


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