The Cannabis industry, much like the coffee industry, has always had two very opposite schools of thought. One being the “lowbrow” approach (your Tim Horton’s, Dunkin Donuts) and the other being a high-priced accessory in a high-priced space manned by a bearded barista and his art degree. Both have very common ground and yet never have had the ability to find unity amongst each other.

Both have their pros and cons, one is convenient and approachable but you will often find yourself amongst a group sporting hoodies that are two sizes too big. And the other group having precision equipment making you feel like a boujee bitch as you enjoy your afternoon, the downside… you are a boujee bitch trying to enjoy your afternoon. I myself once owned an expensive coffee siphon that was quickly broken by my wife who helped release me from the spell in which I was cast under. For a while, I found myself wearing a leather apron each morning trying to make coffee, rare b-sides of indie artists would start playing in my record player and my friends would find themselves cornered by me as I told them about my pop-up gallery in the poorly lit bar down the street…

If ya do it right, your blended coffee is going to look this frothy too.


Soon after, I was back to just a regular drip machine (with the occasional French Press) and people started coming back around to visit. The upbeat indie jazz covers of Simon and Garfunkel left my shelves. And my fascination for coffee beans found in South Asian cat feces left me. So, once again all was right with the world and I could once again enjoy my life.

Around that time was the birth of the movement of adding butter to coffee. Without going too much into it, the idea behind it was to carry the antioxidants found in coffee into your system through the fat molecules from the butter and coconut oil. If you’ve done your homework, you will put two and two together and figure this as the most simple way to do so for cannabis as well. The beauty of this is the obvious dose control you can have here. Got nothing to do today? Up that cannabutter, or keep it mellow to get you through your daily errands. Either way, enjoy the music and take the ride.

Before you get all jazzy with your java jones, stream these tunes!


– 1 tbsp Coconut Oil
– 2 tbsp Cannabutter
– 12 oz hot brewed Coffee
– Cinnamon and Smoked Sea Salt to taste
Note: The salt that I chose to use was given to me by near and dear friends as a gift. It is the Hawaiian Black Lava salt from the good people at TheSpiceLab. Pink Himalayan sea salt is known for being packed with vitamins and minerals, so as a healthier route when using salt, you might want to consider this.


Chocolope. A nod to the chocolate strains you would find in the ‘80s, this Chocolate Thai and Cannalope haze cross makes a nice addition to your morning coffee. Get more information via here.


Step 1: Brew coffee as you see fit.

Step 2: Add coffee to blender with coconut oil and Cannabutter. Blend on high for 10 seconds or until smooth and frothy. Be careful when doing this as hot coffee or any hot liquids in general will expand and burst at high speeds in a blender. Start on low and work your way slowly to the highest setting.

Step 3: Pour into your favourite mug, because of the emulsification that will be foam on top acting almost like a latte or cappuccino feel free to flavor with cinnamon or smoked sea salt as I did here.

Check out Electric Wizard’s “Dunwich” video here.

Suggested Baker’s Dozen “Wake ‘n’ Bake Blended Coffee” Playlist:

01. ELO – “Turn to Stone”
02. Ruby the Hatchet – “Vast Acid”
03. Budgie – “Whiskey River”
04. Here Lies Man – “Sorrow, Tears and Blood”
05. Electric Wizard – “Dunwich”
06. Moby Grape – “Fall on You”
07. Captain Beyond – “Raging River of Fear”
08. Slow Season – “Sixty-Eight”
09. Abbath – “To War”
10. Jex Thoth – “When the Raven Calls”
11. Stone Temple Pilots – “Meatplow”
12. High on Fire – “Last”
13. Fuzz – “Pipe”


Danny P. is a Toronto, Canada-based chef with a love for music, food and baking (both kinds). He may be stuck in the ‘70s, but he is definitely not stuck in his ways. In this series Dan will bring you some of his favourite recipes for absolutely tasty bake-worthy goods. If you have any comments, suggestions or other inquiries, hit him up on Instagram at @bakersdozenrocks.


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