Boston metalcore band Vein have had tons of hype surrounding them recently. Preparing for a big tour with Code Orange, as well as a slot on Philadelphia’s This Is Hardcore festival, the group has finally released their debut album, Errorzone. Highly anticipated in the metalcore community, the five-piece have succeeded in crafting 27 minutes of pure insanity.

Opening with lead single, “Virus://Vibrance”, listeners are slammed over the head with chaos from the get-go. The song’s accompanying music video – with a fast-cuts style comparable to what the Saw film franchise is notorious for – adds to the hell-of-it-all as if this record was made as a soundtrack for an early 2000’s slasher flick. The horror film feel is so consistent throughout the record, you can’t help but feel a bit nuts after a listen through.

Get a feel for the hell-of-it-all with the video for “Virus://Vibrance”.

Standout tracks, “Untitled”, “Demise Automation” and the re-recorded “Old Data in a Dead Machine”, show off their ‘90s metalcore influence, a sound which Vein have perfected. Littered with dissonant notes, unsettling guitars and synth/sample effects, any elitist of the genre will get with it.

Amongst all that, the band branches out into more metal-based genres throughout the record. Interlude, “Anesthesia” opens with a blaring emergency alarm, a Manson style melody from vocalist Anthony DiDio and grows creepier as each instrument comes in one by one. “Doomtech”, clocking in at almost five minutes, not only builds up from this basic introduction to end in a frenzy, but successfully fuses ‘90s heavy rock/grunge music into their own sound. “Quitting Infinity”, as well as the title track, “Errorzone”, do a good job at that mash up as well, but also show a lighter, melodic side to the band that is so shocking at this point in, it will hit you like a train.

Make sure to also check out the track “Doomtech”, one of the preview songs from Errorzone.

Overall, Errorzone is a pleasant surprise. Expecting a parade of dissonant parts, excessive whammy and some brutal breakdowns (which we still thankfully got a lot of), Vein managed to keep this record interesting by introducing their melodic abilities and expanding on their industrial/metal tendencies.

Errorzone Track Listing:

01. Virus://Vibrance
02. Old Data in a Dead Machine
03. Rebirth Protocol
04. Broken Glass Complexion
05. Anesthesia
06. Demise Automation
07. Doomtech
08. Untitled
09. End Eternal
10. Errorzone
11. Quitting Infinity

Run Time: 27:32
Release Date: June 22, 2018
Record Label: Closed Casket Activities