Hailing from the hot, sun-battered state of Texas is The Sound That Ends Creation, a one-man technical math/grindcore project from the mind of Chris Dearing. A cacophony of sound, this act’s output will either be a listener’s worst nightmare or aural heaven. However you view the music, though, it’s loaded with love, layers, and lots of metal. Following on from 2016’s debut We Are The Burden, 2017’s Fitting Through The Crawl Space Between Rhyme And Reason, and the early-2018 single “A Hard Day’s Night”, today we’re happy to help tease the upcoming third album, Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns, by premiering the new single “When God Put Teeth In Your Mouth, He Ruined A Perfectly Good Asshole.”

Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns is The Sound That Ends Creation’s third album and sees the project move into even deeper experimental waters, incorporating jazz breaks, piano, saxophone, and more. Self-recorded, mixed, mastered, and entirely performed by Dearing, this artist is as DIY as they come.

Commenting on the new album’s lead single, Dearing noted: “This song is the album opener. Starting with a Trailer Park Boys quote, this song thrusts the listener into a grinding chaos of technicality and angular riffing. It lets the listener breathe for only a few seconds with a small piano-focused break, throws the listener back into the chaos, then closes with a crushing breakdown drenched in dissonant chords. This is the best representation of the complete album.”


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