The date is May 31. For months, The 1975 have hinted at something. A countdown leading to the band’s “official” day, June 1, fans could only assume it was an album release. Well, it’s Friday, and while we may not yet have an album, for now, we do have a new song to play on repeat.

“Give Yourself A Try” was initially introduced to fans on social media as part of their daily teases of this new era of The 1975. It’s since been revealed that the song will be part of one of two albums coming out in the next year, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships (due out in October with the second coming May 2019). Eluding to the impact technology has had on society as its concept, as well as frontman Matt Healy supposedly wearing various wigs and posting photos with different colour schemes to throw off fans, the band further addresses “techno terror” with this single’s sound.

While the use of electronic drums and keyboards are nothing new (the way in which they are utilised show homage to their previous work), they further delve into new territory, keeping things exciting. Instrumentally, the track has more of an indie vibe in the vein of groups like The Postal Service, with a repeating, synth-sounding guitar riff acting as the foundation under electronic drums, simple bass lines, and soft vocals. Lyrically, Healy reflects on his life since the band’s explosion in 2013 and certainly, A LOT has happened in that time. Fear of the outdoors, STDs, fan suicide, drug addiction… the man does not hold back one bit making for a heartfelt and sombre track despite its bouncy tone.

No matter what type of 1975 fan you are (whether you love the early work or prefer the “I like it when you sleep…” era), “Music For Cars” is going to be a weird era for the group and the people they bring along for the ride.

Run Time: 3:18
Release Date: May 31, 2018

Go ahead, give “Give Yourself A Try” a try.