A lovely change in direction from the punk rock and screamo music that I listen to came in the form of Shannon Shaw and her first solo album, Shannon in Nashville. This vocalist and bassist from Shannon and the Clams has stretched out and tried her hand at a full-length solo recording that is pretty dang good. Shannon has been with The Clams since 2009 and they’ve released six studio albums together. This month, the solo album Shannon in Nashville graces the airwaves with classic doo-wop sounds carried by the soulfully raw, raspy vocals of Shaw herself.

You don’t need to look very far to find a great vocal showcase from Shaw, as there is absolutely no holding back on Shannon in Nashville’s very first track, “Golden Frames”. This song’s sorrow-filled wails are gut wrenching, and you tangibly feel the pain in her voice. And although the woeful, sad love songs are powerful, it’s easy enough to happily sway along and bob your head to the majority of the music. “Leather, Metal, Steel” introduces a wonderful trumpet that rolls along like a Johnny Cash song blazing through the desert.

Don’t forget to check out the video for “Broke My Own”.

“Broke My Own”, the record’s lead single, is emblematic of Shaw’s sassy and seductive sound and enough can’t be said for the track’s back up vocals (as with most of the album as well), as they string together the timeless elements of doo-wop. With her first solo effort, Shaw has fused her powerhouse vocals with strong musical accompaniment to striking effect.

Shaw will be touring all summer long and into the fall as Shannon and the Clams, with a few solo dates to wrap up the tour.

Shannon in Nashville Track Listing:

01. Golden Frames
02. Bring Her The Mirror
03. Broke My Own
04. Leather, Metal, Steel
05. Freddies ‘n’ Teddies
06. Love I Can’t Explain
07. Cryin’ My Eyes Out
08. Goodbye Summer
09. Cold Pillows
10. Lord of Alaska
11. I Might Consider
12. Make Believe
13. Coal On The Fire

Run Time: 38:00
Release Date: June 8, 2018