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Lexington, Kentucky native, Derrick Sexton is an apt musician whose guitar proficiency is entirely enviable. After several attempts at various bands, Sexton decided to venture out on his own and go about creating a solo musical project which wasn’t bound by any creative restrictions. That was when Sexton was born, a band steeped in metal, creative freedom, and only the chillest of collaborations. The first fruits of Sexton’s labour come in the form of the five-track Reformation EP, which can be pre-ordered here and is due out on July 20th.

With a couple singles now available to stream, we worked with Sexton and chose to highlight his track “Pinnacle of Decadence”. The song was entirely, written and recorded by Derrick himself, but also features the incredible guest work of Michael Morton (vocals & lyrics) and Eric Maldonado (guitar solo). So, help yourself to a free high quality MP3 download of “Pinnacle of Decadence” and sign off with Sexton speaking of the tune as follows:

“I think ‘Pinnacle of Decadence’ really envelops what my project is all about. Aggressive, heavy, and melodic music. Michael Morton did a great job lyrically and vocally by shedding light on the system of corruption and decadence that we have enslaved ourselves to.”

Now that you’ve got yourself a free copy of the song, check out the official lyric video too!


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