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Dudes, this dude is hype! Otis Mensah is a Sheffield, UK-based independent artist whose alternative approach to hip-hop/rap is both poetic and philosophical in nature. His music and words are real, and, as his exceptionally-written bio states, “shed light on existential commonalities discovered through introspection with often off-kilter lyrics, accompanied by a sentimental vibe.” Mensah’s most recent single, the Elijah Bane-produced “Sanctified”, dropped on May 25th and can be found through most of the usual streaming services here.

Long story short, there’s a tonne of very justifiable hype surrounding this artist, and we encourage you to check him out. Grab a free high quality MP3 download of the “Sanctified” single today, of which Mensah commented:

“‘Sanctified’ is a personal, poetic exploration into my mind when riddled with a conflict in ideology denoting the paradoxes in self as a mirror reflecting the paradoxes of people. I let the pen bleed over Elijah Bane’s mellow though intensifying instrumentation with a heart to ease existential quarrel within; therapy.”

You’ve learned about this artist, download his single, now check out its accompanying music video.


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