Are you ready to meet your Forest Family? Electric Forest is gearing up for the first of two jam-packed weekends (#8DaysOfForest) at the magical Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, MI. We are beyond excited to attend this year’s forest, and as first-timers, we already feel like we’re a part of the family. Here are 5 key ways to feel all the warm fuzzies and share some good vibes in the Forest.

01. A 24-hour Cereal Bar.
– An ode to watching Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of cocoa puffs in hand, this year’s Main Street (in the GA Campgrounds) boasts a 24-hour cereal bar. This genius concoction exists to get you your pre- and post-dancing sugar fix and reminisce of a simpler time. The endless bowls of cereal will be flowing and topped with all the extras you can imagine, from whipped cream to Oreos. The smiles and looks of sheer delight as festival goers stroll past on their way into the venue will be syrupy sweet and contagious.

Check out the video “Once Upon The Forest: Time”.

02. The Beyond Stacked International Lineup.
– This year at EF there is an incredibly diverse lineup, in more ways than one, with headliners such as The String Cheese Incident, Bassnectar and Zhu (representing bluegrass, dubstep and house music). The amazing thing to see is the amount of artists coming from across the globe and bringing their unique styles of music.

EF is racking up some serious air miles bringing in international acts from the UK, Australia, Greece, Sweden, France and most exciting of all (to this Canuck): Canada. I am beyond stoked for our homies A Tribe Called Red and Chromeo who both expertly showcase diversity and good vibes with their marriage of electronic and First Nations music and electro-funk and synth pop respectively.

Get ready for a “Stadium Pow Wow” at the Forest!

03. The Wish Machine.
– Combining the Forest Family’s good deeds outside the Forest with the chance to have one-of-a-kind wishes come true at EF is the Wish Machine. From a bone marrow donor booth to breaking a World Record for most people dressed as superheroes, a unique collection of wishes were granted this year for the Forest Fam. The Be The Match booth will allow festival goers to make a saliva donation to screen their eligibility to become a registered bone marrow donor. Helping others definitely gives me the warm fuzzies.

Then, in an incredibly encouraging and uplifting way, festival goers are asked to dress in any way that makes them feel SUPER. This World Record breaking wish will have all superheroes alike gather at The String Cheese Incident’s first set of the weekend to share the good vibes and be part of history!

Here’s the String Cheese Incident playing “Texas” at Electric Forest 2015:

04. Plug In @ The Brainery.
– This year’s Plug In programming allows the Forest Family to really get to know each other while learning, creating and doing. Taking place at the Brainery on Main Street we can craft ribbon wands and forest crowns, take workshops on Kirtan chanting and writing poetry and learn about ASL and celebrating the sisterhood in the music industry and festival scene. Having the opportunity to share others’ talents and knowledge is another unique setting at EF that centres around the feeling of community, positivity and of course: peace, love and good vibes.

05. The Forest Fam.
– As a first timer for Electric Forest, the sheer size of the festival was intimidating enough to navigate and plan out. Luckily for me, and the rest of 2018, social media came to the rescue. The social community at EF is astounding and like no other I’ve experienced thus far. From sharing extra spots in the campgrounds to helping each other find rides through carpooling to the willingness of total strangers to become each other’s festival buddies so that everyone has a good time is heartwarming.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to meet up with my new found Forest Family and roll into our camp spot for the weekend, ready to feel the love. Happy Forest!