Electric Citizen have announced their forthcoming and third album Helltown, which will be released through RidingEasy Records on September 28th. The title is not only fittingly heavy metal, but it’s also named after the Cincinnati, Ohio neighbourhood where the band lives and where this album was written, recorded and mixed. It is now known more appropriately as Northside, but ‘Helltown’ earned its name in the 19th century as a result of its reputation for rowdy taverns that were frequently visited by the locals, which mostly consisted of factory workers and immigrants.

Helltown also represents a return to the grittier sound of Electric Citizen’s 2014 debut record Sateen. It also marks the return of original bassist Nick Vogelpohl who is pleased to rejoin the band after some time off. What you’ll get on this record is more of the three minute heavy rockers you’ve come to known from the group. The songwriting is better than ever and it’s a welcome departure from the typical slow doom dirges you hear these days from similar bands.

“In many ways this album is a realignment to the first,” said lead singer Laura Dolan. “We experimented a lot on the second album, some of which we learned we didn’t like.” Electric Citizen’s 2016 album Higher Time was an expansive and somewhat cleaner album mixed by Black Keys engineer Collin Dupuis at Easy Eye in Nashville, Tennessee.