And you thought the Heavy Haiku Review was dead! Not so fast! Cockblockers (Yes, you read that right.) from Kalamata, (Yes, like the olive variety.) Greece, have put out a well-crafted and stoner-esque rock album with a splash of some ‘90s alternative mixed in. What you need to know about this virgin and self-released album is that it’s very good, go listen for yourself.

Will you think it’s the most original thing you’ve ever hear? Probably not, but what is these days? (You and I both know that there are actually people out there that will listen to recordings of garbage being compacted and label it a new subgenre.) Cockblockers is better, trust me… The short and nasty of it is that this album has enough grit and groove throughout the whole recording while making your ears happy and enriching your soul. And don’t be a cockblocker, share the album with your friends while you’re at it.

Heavy Haiku Review:

The name? Cockblockers…
But don’t shy away from this!
They must like Kyuss.

Cockblockers Track Listing:

01. Driven Dog
02. Deadweight
03. Carpet Burn
04. Absinthe
05. Enemies
06. Be My Valentine
07. Sour
08. Taste Delight
09. Ichi
10. For the Loss

Run Time: 46:09
Release Date: February 3, 2018
Record Label: Self-Released

Check out the video for the song “Enemies” here.