Judging by the percentage split of females to males in attendance at the Manchester Apollo, it would appear that punk rock icon Billy Idol still very much has “it”. The fact that the Apollo, as are the rest of the dates on Idol’s first UK run in a few years, is very sold-out, only further shows how popular the former Generation-X is in 2018.

Any doubts that Idol can still put on a rock show are blasted straight out of the water the minute the house lights dim and, clad in black, the bleach-haired vocalist cockily strides out to the front of the stage. Now, given that Idol eases into the show with “Shock To The System” and “Dancing With Myself”, it would appear that Billy Idol in 2018 is a very different beast. Don’t get me wrong, Idol is still full of swagger and the trademark sneer hasn’t been retired but, rather than a relentless display of relentless cyber punk rock, Idol puts on a classy demonstration at times barely breaking into a sweat.

His band were no slouches either, taking up the slack with wailing solos and plenty of textbook rock posturing. When all said and done though, after the outfit changes and six-pack flashing Idol wasn’t going to leave those fans disappointed. Signing off with a triple treat of “Rebel Yell”, “White Wedding” and “Mony Mony”, Idol and his band sent his loyal fanbase home having raised the roof of this legendary Manchester venue.

Tour Dates:

06/30 – Zajecar – Guitar Fest
07/02 – Budapest – Budapest Park Open Air
07/03 – Munich – Tollwood Festival
07/06 – Zurich – Hallenstadion
07/14 – Halle – Peissnitz Insel
07/17 – Cologne – Tanzbrunnen
07/19 – Berlin – Zitadelle
07/21 – Slupsk – Charlotta Valley Amp
07/22 – Hamburg – Stadtpark

What are ya waiting for? Time for a “Rebel Yell”!


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