Burlington, North Carolina noisemakers, BIG Something are back with a brand new album entitled The Otherside! The sextet’s nine-track fifth album dropped on April 20th and can be found streaming via most major sites, plus available to purchase directly from the band at www.bigsomething.net and Bandcamp.

Once again ripe with funky, alternative jam rock, as heard on the popular lead single “Sundown Nomad”, the new tunes’ lyrical content “continues to build upon the post-apocalyptic peyote trip imagery from Tumbleweed, concluding the story of a nomad who has made it to the other side of his journey wandering through the night towards a desert sunrise.”

With that being said, we decided to help the guys share a funky fresh TOP 10 list and Casey Cranford (Sax, EWI) ranked his favourite pieces of Science Fiction literature, film and television!

This is the band’s above-mentioned single “Sundown Nomad”.

10. Star Trek
– The classic journey to “where no one has gone before.” Gotta love Spock, Picard and all the philosophical content that comes with them.

09. Blade Runner
– Based on Phillip K Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, this is heavy material which deals with the questions of what makes us human, or possibly “more human than human.” Before West World there was the mind of Phillip K Dick.

08. Rick and Morty
– Science fiction on an extremely high level, but also modern and hilariously relatable.

07. Godzilla
– He was born from nuclear fallout, and works as a metaphor for nature fighting back against destruction of the natural world. Also can be campy and hilarious.

06. Neuromancer
– A 1984 novel that basically predicted modern internet and virtual reality, plus wildly entertaining and action packed. If you like The Matrix you should read this book.

05. The Gods Themselves
– A cerebral novel by Issac Asimov, author of I, Robot and Foundation. This one deals with transferring energy back and forth from an alternate dimension, and the possible outcomes of such a scenario.

04. Oryx and Crake
– A novel beautifully written by Margaret Atwood. While she prefers the term “speculative fiction,” I have to include this on my list because of how relevant it is. It deals with the consequences of genetic and biological engineering. Also, a great love story.

03. 2001: A Space Odyssey
– The most mind-blowing ending to a movie, and one of my favorites by Kubrick. An overall beautiful film.

02. Total Recall
– Another movie based on a Phillip K Story, this one is a fun roller coaster ride and less of a mind bender, even though it does keep you questioning reality, as PKD always did.

01. Dune
– The so-called “Lord of the Rings” of science fiction, this book is utterly enjoyable on every page, front to back. A true epic and an incredible achievement of literature. Star Wars ripped off Dune.

Now that you’re all hopped-up on Sci-Fi facts, stream the The Otherside!


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