A Unicorn in a World of Donkeys: A Guide to Life for All the Exceptional, Excellent Misfits Out There is a book celebrating, well, unicorns; the author’s label for creative risk takers, dream followers, and people that dare to be themselves. The opposite of the creative unicorn is – you guessed it – the donkey; a person who is strictly black and white, and thrives within the confines of the societal norm.

A few pages in and I felt as though this book was written just for me. I have often felt like the outsider, the guy no one else seems to get or understand, and, while I have always stuck to my guns, it was refreshing to read a sort of manifesto for us creative types. The book is interactive as well and includes many different quizzes and lists to help you determine where you are on the “unicorn spectrum” and how, if indeed it’s what you want, you can focus your energy and attention on the things that motivate and drive you.

Not everyone is a “unicorn”, but I think, even if you are a “donkey”, this is a pretty good read and a way for you to understand the unicorn frame of mind and how to interact with them more effectively.

Author Mia Michaels speaks from authority, as she is an Emmy winning choreographer, and has not only worked with the hit television show So You Think You Can Dance, but also with Prince, Celine Dion, and Madonna.

At the end of the day, I think that A Unicorn in a World of Donkeys is not only a great read, but an important one as well.

Written by: Mia Michaels
Publisher: Seal Press (May 1, 2018)
Format/Length: Hardcover, 224 pages

Here’s Mia Michaels talking about her experiences as a “unicorn” and the book she was inspired to write. Just wait for it…after the bizarre Kanye and Trump segue. Smooth, Fox, real smooth.