Former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has released “Matadors & Daughters,” the first single from his new solo album. The album is titled Astral Hand and works as a bridge between Borland’s 2016 electronic rock album Crystal Machete and his commissioned work for Moogfest. The new material is somewhat more conventional than Crystal Machete, but still contains no unprocessed vocals, no outside help from any collaborators and no distorted guitars.

“The voice rule was inspired by artists like Planningtorock, Air, Daft Punk and Aphex Twin,” Borland commented. “I want the vocals to be androgynous, between male and female. I want them to sit in that uncanny valley between human and not, not male or female, not human or electronic. Rule 2 was distorted guitars. For some reason I have no problem cranking out riff after riff, it’s like a conveyor belt in my head. It’s no challenge to write one. I wanted to disable that option. The third one, no help from outside sources was set up to challenge myself to be a better musician and engineer. The only outside help I had was mastering.”