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The Kut – “Valley of Thorns” [Album Review]

Fierce rock trio The Kut released Valley of Thorns in early May and here’s our review of all the ‘90s-inspired, grungy, guitar-rock goodness.



London, UK band The Kut partnered up with the music platform Pledge Music to set their album release in motion, and, since then, Valley of Thorns has stolen the hearts of rockers everywhere. The recording is full of grungy tones, amazing guitars, drums, and edgy lyrics; it’s basically a rocker’s dream! Since the release, the album has climbed to no. 7 in UK Rock Album Charts and no. 6 in the UK Independent Album Breakers Chart.

For those that don’t know (shame on you), The Kut is a well-known three-piece assembled by none other than the frontwoman herself, Princess Maha. She is labelled as a “multi-instrumentalist” as she can sing and play guitar, piano, drums, and bass. After starting the group in 2014, Maha banded together with two other women making The Kut an all-female rock trio.

While listening to this new release, I kept having an itching feeling as if I’ve heard a similar grunge sound before, and, sure enough, I had! If you were ever fond of Courtney Love’s band, Hole, then I definitely suggest you take a listen to Valley of Thorns. Some of the ladies’s other influences, which also come through prominently in their sound, inlclude Nirvana, Deftones, Placebo, L7, Lunachicks, and Incubus.

Valley of Thorns consists of ten songs that anyone can find themselves headbanging to, either in the car or simply while you’re making dinner. However, listeners may be disappointed in the fact that many of the songs on offer are also found on a few of The Kut’s previous releases. Regardless, if you’re a serious fan of these rocker chicks, a few repeats shouldn’t be too much of a bother!

Valley of Thorns Track Listing:


01. Mind Games
02. Hollywood Rock n’ Roll
03. No Trace
04. I Want You Maniac
05. Rush Hour
06. I am Vain
07. Alekhine’s Gun
08. X-Ray Eyes
09. Bad Man
10. Mario

Run Time: 39:11
Release Date: May 4, 2018

Take in The Kut’s snarling video for “No Trace” featuring a sweet guitar paint job.