Fans of Orgy, Wednesday 13, and/or Marilyn Manson will want to check out this article. The Dark is an unsigned Berlin, Germany-based (by way of Los Angeles, CA) electro-rock band with awesome industrial elements in the vein of the previously-noted groups. Headed by singer, guitarist and producer Brandon Ashley, The Dark are due to issue their driving debut, Live.Create.Destroy., worldwide on May 3rd with pre-order/pre-save links now available via iTunes and Spotify. An addictive eleven-track rock affair, it’s very difficult to turn off the album once it’s underway. So, as you get stoked for Thursday’s release, we’ll leave you with not only this world premiere album stream, but also an exclusive track-by-track guide from Brandon Ashley himself.

01. “Bad Gentleman”
– A warning to anyone who was crazy enough to fall for the man I used to be. I have never hidden the fact that I was a bad boy, I was always honest about this part of myself with every lover and this was my code of ethics, if you’re going to be a POS, at least don’t lie about it to get sex.

02. “Dirty Girl”
– A woman who can match my demons and take a trip to the bottom of hell with me, my ride or die, the girl who has the ability to access your heart by being your mirror but at any minute can crush you, she’s an unpredictable badass.

03. “Kids Of The Broken Kingdom”
– This world has been left torn apart by greed. The youth has been cleaning up the mess from the gods of war and hate. We need to rise up and say we are the change, we don’t want a world full of shit, we must fight for our right to survive, especially those being born now, I can only imagine what is to come. I hope this song will be a powerful anthem for years to come.

04. “Black Flag”
– Change takes sacrifice in order for a cause to come to its full potential. “Black Flag” is for everyone on the streets, all those fighting for their rights, sacrificing themselves for what they believe is right.

05. “Last Day We Kissed”
– The hardest breakups are the ones where you still have love for the person, but you know it can’t work any longer, when someone falls onto a different path you must say your goodbye. Is there anything more heart wrenching than that last goodbye kiss?

06. “Product”
– Living in Los Angeles definitely inspired this song, the amount of beauty obsessed people, never feeling good enough, filling the void with aesthetic perfection, wearing their masks to hide who they truly are inside. LA is the capitol of plastic dolls, we fall for the way they look but find a very hallow person exists underneath all the makeup and botox. I began to appreciate inner beauty more and more with my various encounters in that cities dating landscape.

07. “Cannibal”
– This is a song for all the womanizers out there. The men that lie to woman to get sex. The men that try to get girls drunk in order to take advantage of them. What they fail to realize is they are eating their own kind. When you violate women you are violating yourself, you are feeding the monster, we are supposed to connect with each other and if you view women as a piece of meat you are doing a disservice to your species, we are all one, if you separate that you don’t understand what it means to be human.

08. “Halo”
– Not a coincidence that this song comes after Cannibal, this one is for all the girls that cheat. It’s happened to me, it’s probably the worst feeling a man can go through. Complete betrayal. I found that jealousy plays a big part on why some women cheat, instead of communicating their feelings they take revenge in the most hurtful way possible.

09. “In The End”
– The perfect wrap up to Halo, when someone does cheat the truth always comes out. Men and women with this type of behavior think they can get away with murder and it’s so crazy to me that they think their partners won’t ever find out, you will always get caught, you will always suffer if you choose to be this person.

10. “Lost At Sea”
– This song was written to remember my father Renato who died tragically on a expedition in the Mediterranean Sea when I was 18 years old. Him and his father, my grandfather sailed on a voyage from Italy to Greece during the night, a storm hit and they were never heard from again. I am the last of our blood line. My relationship with my father was always very complicated, but he was the one who gave me my music gift, he was a jazz pianist, he lived an exciting life and met his fate in the exact way he chose to live. It took me years to recover from this traumatic event and writing this song was one of the most important accomplishments in my life, I hope somehow, he can hear it from the afterlife.

11. “Bleeding Black”
– I decided to end Live.Create.Destroy. with “Bleeding Black” because it’s a song about my love hate relationship with Los Angeles. I spent so long dreaming of what the city could give me, living there was definitely the most exciting time of my life and also the most painful lesson giving bitch of my life. I fell into a pit of excess induced despair, sex drugs and rock and roll can be a fast journey into the danger zone, the city puts it on a platter for you and caters to this lifestyle, I was lucky enough to rise out of ashes, write and record this album, even through all the pain and mistakes, looking back I wouldn’t change a thing, LA is my bleeding black heart beat.


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