The Season Of Death is the newest release from one-man symphonic black-metal/death-metal/Christian-metal act Symphony of Heaven. Chilling and melancholic from the very beginning, the opening instrumental track flows along ethereally. Laced with fantastic melodic guitar leads, it creates an atmosphere that connects with the listener on an emotional level, prodding them to continue down the path that is The Season Of Death.

The real extreme metal magic kicks in full-force on track two, “War in the Wind”. The pace quickens and the vibe and mood become considerably darker, compliments of the double bass kick drumming, blast beats, and speedy riffs, and this continues throughout the rest of the record. The guttural growls of project mastermind Logan Thompson alternate between mournful, tranquil moments, all-out aggressive attacks, and screeches that pierce the soul and make the hairs on your arms stand to attention. These vocals, combined with the mournful, melancholy rhythmic backdrop, create a contrast that is as interesting as it is intriguing.

Midway through the record the listener is granted a brief respite with a solid instrumental, “The Meditation of My Heart”, which affords a moment to regain one’s composure before the barrage begins again.

At the end of the day, The of Season Death is extreme music; it’s raw and aggressive, but at the same time there is a certain beauty to its melodic instrumental tapestry. It’s top-notch symphonic black-metal and, if you’re a fan of the genre, The Season of Death is going to be right in your wheelhouse.

The Season of Death Track Listing:

01. Stratagem
02. War in the Wind
03. Anno Domini
04. In Anger’s Midst
05. The Meditation of My Heart
06. Of Scars and Soil
07. Come and Rest
08. Time Transcending

Run Time: 46:52
Release Date: November 24, 2017

Here’s a video of The Season of Death’s fourth track, “In Anger’s Midst”.