Swedish indie rockers, Locals are riding high on the success of their recent “Think Before I Talk” single; a rock reworking of Norwegian pop icon Astrid S’ original tune. With a growing global fanbase, tons of touring, performances at large festivals, and loads of other features, the quartet are primed to take their UK-influenced guitar-rock even higher in the months. Wanting to learn more about the band and their influences, Locals were kind enough to share this exclusive list of their TOP 10 favourite hometown hangouts.

01. Wollmars
– “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.” The best bar in Stockholm. Don’t ruin it. So, don’t go there…

02. Trädgården aka “The Garden”
– Like Chelsea Hotel, popstars have written songs about this place. This outdoor club is situated under a highway bridge… how common I mean a club under a bridge… fucking fantastic isn’t it?

03. Popaganda
– The best festival in the country. Located in the middle of Stockholm which makes it completely unique. They also have swimming pools at the festival site, so you can pretend to be Michael Phelps and then watch some great music.

04. Debaser Strand
– One of our favourite venues to play at. Always a great vibe and fantastic music, especially when we’re there.

05. Mosebacke
– This is an epic place. You can see all of Stockholm from their terrace and with a beautiful view and a beer in your right hand the night’s always young.

06. Slakthusterassen
– If you like techno and E than this is the place to be. It’s an old pig slaughterhouse, like the antithesis to Way Out West. Great music and wonderful people.

07. Debaser Medis
– Well, they are rebuilding this old rock club into something disgraceful. Once upon a time Stockholm’s best rock club. Now just a construction site really. But go there anyway!

08. Kafé 44
– This place is a real punk/hardcore club. We did our first shows here back in the day. There’s a cool breeze of anarchy at this place. It reminds you of crashing around at some leisure-club. Real cool vibe. When you go there, ask for Tompa Eken. He makes delicious cinnamon buns.

09. Kvarnen
– They have real Swedish meatballs. What more can you ask for?

10. Way Out West
– Do you want to see the most good looking people on earth? Then go to Way Out West in Gothenburg. It smells more like expensive brands then teen spirit and everyone is about to pee their pants in fright of some influencer with a dangerous Instagram account. Though the food is vegan and the music’s always good. Go there and get inspired, in your body and your mind.

“Think Before I Talk” is a mantra that many of you could use.


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