Spiritual Cramp are ready to hit us with their new EP, Police State that’s due out on June 8th. From the album, the band has released a stream of the album track “I Feel Bad Bein’ Me.” The EP comes hot on the hells of their breakout, debut release, Mass Hysteria which helped the band become one of California’s most talked about underground bands. This earned them supporting slots with American Nightmare and more. Police State picks up right where Mass Hysteria left off. The band draws its musical inspiration from early dub influenced bands such as The Clash, Blitz and The Modern Lovers.

Lyricist Michael Bingham commented, “it’s about walking into rooms full of people and tripping out on myself… tryin’ to come on strong like an earthquake but comin’ on like a little headache. I project my own self image onto social interactions and it really throws a wrench into my good times. We live in a gross, damaged country that promotes a culture of non-fulfillment, but everyone has these calculated images of themselves they want to project onto the world. I don’t blame anyone – it’s a product of the design.”

If you have contempt for the police, the government, the status quo and maybe even yourself, then you’ll find something in common with Bingham’s lyrics. Their sound is reminiscent of late 1970s, early 1980s working class rock and punk, which functions on bright guitars and darker vocal rhythms.