New Jersey rock group Save Face have announced that they will be releasing their full-length debut record Merci on July 13th. The album is the band’s first release for Epitaph Records. Merci will be a concept record focused on an addict that’s trying to deal with post-rehab relationship struggles and eventually a paranoia-induced emotional meltdown. The writing of the album was also driven by a dramatic tension that reflects Save Face’s mission to make emotionally complex and multi-layered music.

“I think the biggest challenge is writing something that has merit in an artistic context while still being palatable and digestible for an average listener” commented singer and guitarist Tyler Povanda. “I want someone to put these songs on while they’re having a great day the same way they can listen to it while going through a crisis.”

Save Face formed in 2012 and previously released their debut EP Folly back in 2016. This past November, Folly: On The Rocks was issued, a stripped-down, partially acoustic and more intimate version of Folly. The band spent most of 2017 on the road, playing hundreds of shows over the course of nine months.

Merci Track Listing:

01. Merci
02. Bad
03. Blues
04. Heartache
05. Weak
06. Jonesin’
07. Pour
08. Mercy
09. Plans
10. Nothin’
11. Reds
12. Love
13. Rien
14. Yours