In all of the furore that has surrounded Richie Sambora’s return to Bon Jovi for their recent Hall Of Fame induction, it would be sad to think that this, his new album with partner Orianthi, flies under the radar of most rock fans because, those who have followed Sambora’s career will know that, aside from writing some of the biggest rock anthems of all time, this guy simply doesn’t put out bad records.

Not only does Sambora not release bad records, he drops albums full of soul, emotion and feeling. His first solo recording, Stranger In This Town, is still one of my favourites and, if you’ve ever witnessed this guy with a guitar in his hands, you just know this is a man who is feeling every note he plays. Radio Free America sees Sambora join forces with his partner Orianthi for an album that oozes class. Running at fifteen tracks-long, one of the things you quickly notice about Radio Free America is how this is very much not The Richie Sambora Show.

On every level, Sambora and Orianthi match each other note for note and, while this might not be the Sambora/Bon Jovi partnership everyone is dreaming off, there is something almost perfect about the blend of Sambora’s blues-tinged vocals and Orianthi’s rockier edge as heard on tracks like “Making History” and the energetic “Together On The Outside”. Even when things slow down for tracks like “Truth”, there is just an obvious connection between these two that makes Radio Free America such an honest record to listen to.

Of course, there is no getting away from the fact that this is Richie Sambora we’re talking about, so don’t expect anything less than an A-game performance from his bandmates. And, with his partner-in-crime on this record clearly on the same wavelength, both musically and emotionally, fans of the rock icon won’t be disappointed in this return.

Radio Free America Track Listing:

01. Making History
02. We Are Magic
03. Rise
04. Take Me
05. Masterpiece
06. Walk With Me
07. I Don’t Wanna Have to Need You Now
08. Truth
09. Together on the Outside
10. Good Times
11. Forever All the Way
12. I Got You Babe
13. One Night Of Peace
14. Blues Won’t Leave Me Alone
15. Hellbound Train

Run Time: 66:57
Release Date: May 11, 2018

Check out the RSO “Masterpiece” taken from Radio Free America.


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