Right here is a concert bill that Britrock fans have dreamed of seeing since its heyday in the ’90s; Terrorvision, the fun-loving and up-for-anything life of the party, The Wildhearts, the worst influence on young minds and the driving force behind many a youth’s poor choices, and Reef, a band that oozed positivity and good vibes wherever they went. This was a night to remember!

Kicking off the night were British rock legends Terrorvision. Jumping straight in with the party anthem “Discotheque Wreck”, frontman Tony Wright is a blur of energy and psyched up the crowd. It’s hard to believe the man was celebrating his 50th birthday that very night, and it was clear that he was having the time of his life bringing the audience along for the ride. The set was stuffed with hit after hit, from the fast-paced rock tunes like “Alice What’s the Matter” and “Pretend Best Friend” to the more chilled-out, raise-your-lighters tunes “Some People Say” and “Middlemen”. By the time they closed their set with the almighty “Oblivion”, the Apollo was in full party mode!

Check out the Terrorvision single “Pretend Best Friend” here.

Up next were The Wildhearts, the hard rock, sleazy punk outfit whose songs about drinking, drugs and good old rock n’ roll put parents around the UK into worry mode. With a set that spanned the crème de la crème of their greatest hits, if the audience weren’t in party mode before, there would be no excuse after this! Kicking this ’90s party into overdrive with the sing along anthem “I Wanna Go Where the People Go”, the whole 5000+ venue was jumping and singing along to what is essentially the greatest song from the Britrock generation. (Challenges to this statement are invited!) Every song in the set gained an almighty cheer with every introduction. “TV Tan”, “Suckerpunch”, “Caffeine Bomb”, “Everlone” and “29 x the Pain”, just to name a few, gave those in attendance no time to relax.

Given the amount of line-up changes – frontman Ginger Wildheart has been the only constant – it was amazing to see bassist Danny McCormack back in the saddle after losing his leg as a result of an aneurysm – possibly connected with his heroin abuse. In this light, it could be said that he has moved from being a bad influence of the UK youth to one of positivity – also factoring in the buried hatchet between him and Ginger that allowed him to get back onstage with him again. Strangely, the greatest moment of the evening came when the audience and Terrorvision vocalist, Tony Wright, were treated to a rock n’ roll rendition of “Happy Birthday”. I think it’s safe to say The Wildhearts stole the show judging by the reaction from the audience.

“I Wanna Go Where The People Go” is one of The Wildhearts’ best songs!

Closing out the night of pure ‘90s nostalgia was Reef, the West Country band that has been high on life and good vibes their entire career. Supporting their first album since the year 2000, Gary Stringer and crew delivered a set full of classics, and new cuts from Revelation. Kicking off with “Higher Vibration” followed by “Place Your Hands” from the band’s spectacular second album Glow, it is a strong start for their return with two of their best-known songs. As well as bringing the audience the good old favourites, new tracks like “Precious Metal” and “My Sweet Love” were also on the bill. The latter brought up Lynne Jackaman of Saint Jude to cover duet duties that was originally recorded by Sheryl Crow. A life-affirming ending to a trip down memory lane.

If tonight were a house party, Terrorvision would have been the lounge with everyone dancing, The Wildhearts would have been the kitchen where the beer is close by, and Reef would be the chill-out room where a rolled-up cigarette with a questionable substance contained within was being passed round. All in all, a resounding success both for those who were there the first time and those who weren’t.

Terrorvision’s Setlist:

01. Discotheque Wreck
02. Friends and Family
03. Alice What’s the Matter
04. Didn’t Bleed Red
05. If I was You
06. My House
07. Some People Say
08. Celebrity Hit List
09. Perseverance
10. Babylon
11. Middleman
12. Demolition Song
13. Josephine
14. D’Ya Wanna Go Faster
15. Pretend Best Friend
16. Oblivion

If you’ve somehow yet to hear “Place Your Hands”, here’s your chance.

The Wildhearts’s Setlist:

01. I Wanna Go Where the People Go
02. TV Tan
03. My Baby is a Headfuck
04. Suckerpunch
05. Caffeine Bomb
06. Greetings from Shitsville
07. Happy Birthday (to Tony Wright of Terrorvision)
08. Vanilla Radio
09. Sick of Drugs
10. Everlone
11. Nita Nitro
12. Weekend (5 Long Days)
13. 29 x the Pain
14. Love U ‘till I Don’t

Reef’s Setlist:

01. Higher Vibration
02. Place Your Hands
03. Stone for Your Love
04. First Mistake
05. Consideration
06. How I Got Over
07. My Sweet Love
08. I Would Have Left You
09. I’ve Got Something to Say
10. Come Back Brighter
11. Precious Metal
12. Don’t You Like it?
13. Summer’s in Bloom
14. Naked
15. Yer Old
16. End
17. Revelation
18. Revelation (reprise)