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Necros Christos – “Domedon Doxomedon” [Album Review]

The album is challenging to sit through in one go – and not in an intentionally challenging manner as is often the case with extreme acts. It does not inspire multiple listens.



Necros Christos (Greek for “Dead Christ”) is back, this time for their swansong, the much-anticipated full-length, Domedon Doxomedon. This triple-disc record comes off the back of three highly-regarded albums and a slew of splits and demos across a seventeen-year span. Anchored by vocalist and chief songwriter Mors Dalos Ra, Necros Christos have utilized many different drummers through the years, while The Evil Reverend N. was recruited as second guitarist in 2007 and is still an active participant.

Now, while it has been announced that the project will come to an end, Domedon Doxomedon may not be the best record with which to bow out. Fans of Necros Christos will appreciate the way the recording is structured, namely the ambient acoustic sessions intermingled with heavier ritual black/death metal tracks to provide dynamics, rather than an all-out assault like many of their contemporaries. Some of the initial songs are highly enjoyable, but this quality does not hold up over the nearly two hours of material.

There are quite a few reasons why Domedon Doxomedon doesn’t live up to expectations – Gone are the heavy, monolithic, groove-laden rhythm guitars Necros Christos had used prior, replaced instead with simplistic strumming that fails to hold attention. Also, the acoustic interludes don’t utilize the same variety of instruments and dense arrangements that are landmarks of their past releases. Instead of the setars, qanuns and other traditional folk instruments, we merely get acoustic guitar, keyboards and electronic samples. While it may seem worthwhile to incorporate the light experimental touches – the electronic samples, for instance – that the band have added to their repertoire, the actual melodies on Domedon Doxomedon seem uninspired, so the record drags on.

The album is challenging to sit through in one go – and not in an intentionally challenging manner as is often the case with extreme acts. It does not inspire multiple listens. This is deeply saddening for long-term fans of the group. After 17 years together, at the very least, one would hope for a band like Necros Christos to go out with a bang. Looking back at albums like Doom of the Occult, for instance, every track in their past discography had something to contribute to their legacy. Each song on prior records had a memorable section, or each one at the very least provided the track listing with both nuance and consistency. This swansong, on the other hand, fails to provide a good send-off or do their legacy justice.

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Domedon Doxomedon Track Listing:

01. Temple I – Zohar of the Sky
02. I Am Christ
03. Gate of Sooun
04. Temple II – Cistern of Bethlehem l
05. Tombstone Chapel
06. Gate of Damihyron
07. Temple III – Helper of YHVH
08. He Doth Mourn in Hell
09. Gate of Aion Tsevaoth
10. Temple IV – Oracle of Men
11. Seven Altars Burn in Sin
12. Gate of Arba-Hemon
13. Temple V – Bereshit
14. Exiled in Transformation
15. Gate of Behet-Myron
16. Temple VI – Weight of Gold
17. The Heart of King Solomon in Sorcery
18. Gate of Sulam
19. Temple VII – Alive in Sheol
20. The Guilt they Bore
21. Gate of Jehudmijron
22. Temple VIII – Smoke in Fire
23. Exodos
24. Gate of Dimitrijon
25. Temple IV – Redeemer to Zion
26. In Meditation on the Death of Christ
27. Gate of Ea On

Run Time: 1:53:06
Release Date: May 18, 2018