Having released their eighth and latest release Daño Colateral digitally in April, Mexican thrash metallers Centauro will release the album on CD on June 30th through Ablaze Productions. This is the band’s third full-length record, adding to their already existing collection of classic thrash metal that has been well recognized for its deep and unique sound.

Daño Colateral is a concept record that centres around the turbulent story of an individual born into a very difficult situation. Throughout their life, they continue to experience regular hardship even through their own effort and good will; a subjective message to the decadence of society and modern system thoughts. The band takes the listener through torrid moments to create an anxious atmosphere of anxiety, fear, anger, joy and ultimately depression.

Drummer Mario Rivera further elaborated, “The album is a story about a person that has been born from rape, that’s why this newborn is unwanted; So he and his brother work their way through the struggles of life until his brother dies. He gets angry with life and his resentment burns until he gets into prison for vandalism. In prison, he learns how to be a real criminal, and when he is released, he begins a path of violent crimes and killing until his madness makes him commit suicide.”