Through the highs of winning Eurovision in 2006, to the lows of losing a band member in 2012, Lordi have remained consistent with their heavy, riff-laden rock-erring-on-the-side-of-metal, delivered by five monsters in costumes dripping with latex, and awe-inspiring stage visuals à la Alice Cooper. Born in Rovaniemi, Finland – the heart of Lapland – in 1992, frontman Mr. Lordi aimed to start a hard rock group with members dressed as monsters, just like his heroes KISS. But it wasn’t without struggles with its niche image or even comparisons to American comedic-horror rock/metal band, GWAR. That said, they remained true to their vision and aimed to prove they were indeed musically-serious…. so, with the subject matter of their previous album, Monstereophonic, and this new release, Sexorcism, some aspersions might be cast on that thesis.

First track “Sexorcism” starts with some haunting synths, hammering drums, and wickedly-dark sampling before the riff hits in on a long intro ahead of Mr. Lordi’s growling vocals. Lyrics dripping with innuendo and a catchy chorus, this first track provides a fantastic alternative intro to the spooky “Scartic Circle Gathering” filled with samples and choirs that most Lordi releases usually begin with. Next, we fire into “Your Tongue’s Got the Cat” and “Romeo Ate Juliet”, both of which are simple in composition and lyric, but regrettably not too memorable.

Check out “Your Tongue’s Got The Cat” just below.

“Naked in My Cellar” has some hilarious lyrics and, along with “The Beast is Yet to Cum” and “Rimskin Assassin”, is among the most innuendo-loaded on this release. Thankfully, though, the catchiness and musicianship are strong enough to carry the risqué lyrics without the songs suffering too badly. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise; if one takes a look at their catalog, double-entendre-slathered lyrics are more common than you’d imagine, as evidenced by older tracks such as “Fire in the Hole” (from 2004’s Monsterican Dream) and “I’m Bigger than You” (off 2010’s Babez for Breakfast).

But it’s not all total smut – “Polterchrist”, “Slashion Model Girls”, “Hot and Satanned” and “Haunting Season” are without doubt Sexorcism’s best tracks, all well-executed in their composition with catchy lyrics and memorable riffs to boot. Moreover, the production value courtesy of Mikko Karmila is extremley high – each song sounding pristine and showcasing the hooky riffs and exemplary musicianship from all members.

Everything Sexorcism has to offer is exactly what a seasoned Lordi fan has come to expect from the Finnish monsters – loud, brash, risqué and really catchy music. Love or hate them, there is one undeniable fact; the guys know how to draw attention to themselves. With this release; however, whilst the haunting, dark lyrics of previous albums remains, the lyrical topics delve far deeper into innuendo than before and there’s concern that it will throw all hard work out of the window with its sexually-deviant subject matter.

Watch the video for the single “Naked In My Cellar” here.

Sexorcism Track Listing:

01. Sexorcism
02. Your Tongue’s Got the Cat
03. Romeo Ate Juliet
04. Naked in my Cellar
05. The Beast is Yet to Cum
06. Polterchrist
07. SCG9
08. Slashion Model Girls
09. Rimskin Assassin
10. Hell Has Room
11. Hot and Satanned
12. Sodomesticated Animal
13. Haunting Season

Run Time: 1:02:40
Release Date: May 25, 2018
Record Label: AFM Records