Let me first say, I am totally stoked that Lizzy Borden is back! As a fan of the group’s theatrical, melodic style of heavy metal since the mid-‘80s, I was more than excited to dig into My Midnight Things, their first release in over ten years. While the wait was quite long, after giving this one a spin, I can say it was well worth it and feels as if the band hasn’t missed a single beat.

The two tracks, “My Midnight Things” and “We Belong to the Shadows”, are classic Lizzy Borden efforts that instantly transported me back in time. It’s quite amazing how music has the power to recall such vivid memories in just a few notes. Surrounding these two beauties are eleven other songs that run the gamut from a more commercial sort of metal (“Run Away With Me”) to slowed-down, hauntingly-beautiful, melancholic ballads (“My Midnight Things (Reprise))”. Then, of course, there are all-out rockers, and my personal favourite, like “Long May They Haunt Us”.

Not sure if he has found the fabled Fountain of Youth or what, but lead vocalist Lizzy’s voice has not weathered with age in the slightest; his power and range still compare to that of the band’s early days. Music-wise, this is a great recording as well, with lots of cool, catchy riffs and melodies that are sure to be trapped inside your head, bouncing around your skull for days to come.

Borden and drummer Joey Scott took on the production duties for this release and really knocked it out of the park; My Midnight Things is a big, glossy heavy metal listening treat! It is fantastic to see revered musicians not only releasing new music, but doing so with consummate ease.

My Midnight ThingsTrack Listing:

01. My Midnight Things
02. Obsessed with You
03. Long May They Haunt Us
04. The Scar Across My Heart
05. A Stranger to Love
06. The Perfect Poison
07. Run Away with Me
08. Our Love is God
09. My Midnight Things (Reprise)
10. We Belong to the Shadows
11. Long May They Haunt Us (Reprise)
12. Silent Night
13. Waiting on the Wings (2018)

Run Time: 53:35
Release Date: June 15, 2018

Here’s a brand new music video for “Long May They Haunt Us.”