Rock and Roll isn’t dead; that’s what I learned seeing Greta Van Fleet live. To see a band with such young-aged members inspired by 1970’s classic rock, trying to bring that sound into modern times put a huge smile on my face. Selling out the show in minutes, it was clear that Greta Van Fleet is just on the beginning of their rise to stardom, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re playing arenas in a year’s time. As it is, their DC shows coming up in July at both the legendary 9:30 club, and the new, huge, GA venue, The Anthem, instantly sold out as well. I feel blessed to have watch Greta Van Fleet on their rise.

Dorothy kicked off the night with a sultry and high-energy set. Coming out and burning sage, her clothes flowed in the wind on the foggy stage. Her vocals were piercing, she had the grit of Janis Joplin and the energy of Joan Jett. She was a perfect opener choice for Greta Van Fleet, as her sound was a direct match to theirs. In the midst of her set, she jumped offstage to hug members of the crowd. She stated it was her way of connecting with people.

Great Van Fleet stormed on-stage to their popular hit “Highway Tune.” The crowd went wild. It’s rare you have a band that appeals to whole families, but parents, kids, young and old alike, were all so invested in their performance. The Led Zeppelin comparison is clear, singer Josh Kiszka has the intensity and sorrow in his voice that revels Robert Plant, but his youth adds a twist on it. Nerves were a little apparent at the beginning, but his voice cut through it. He stood his ground, planting himself into the songs.

The band showed off their versatility throughout the set, as bassist Sammy [Kiszka] a brother of Jake, lead guitar and Josh, vocals, who are twins, also played keyboard on a few tracks in the middle of their set. Without even a full-length album out, one might be concerned at lack of material, but they band played a well-rounded set, with highlights from their EP From The Fires and a few covers. In my opinion, the highlight was the complex instrumental interludes that linked the tracks together, the band had full on jam seshes in between songs, led by Jake Kiszka, who for being only 22 years-old, is masterful at guitar, rivaling Jimmy Page himself. The crowd roared for everything, and were transfixed It was clear at times the band was really happy to be there, overwhelmed with gratitude for their success.

In conclusion, see Greta Van Fleet live. You won’t be disappointed!

Check out the band’s video for their hit single “Highway Tune”.