Godsmack has pretty much ruled the hard rock airwaves for the better part of 20 years, garnering four Grammy nominations and selling more than 20 million records. Their unique brand of music has always straddled the line between hard rock and heavy metal, entertaining millions of both genre’s fans in the process. With heavy, catchy riffs, big powerful choruses, and plenty of groove to keep your body swaying, these guys consistently serve up their major characteristics while managing not to become formulaic.

When Legends Rise doesn’t miss the mark; everything you would expect from a Godsmack album is here and the band’s fans should be quite happy with what’s on offer. The record leans more toward the hard rock side of the spectrum and sees the title track “When Legends Rise” kick off the festivities with a hypnotic drum pattern that builds a sense of anticipation for what’s to come; with the entire release definitely delivering on that promise.

While Godsmack doesn’t stray too far from their own wheelhouse – why change something that works so well? – they deliver a solid disc. As a longtime fan of Sully’s voice, even his solo stuff, I don’t believe he has ever sounded so good. He has a way of grabbing listeners and bringing them along for the lyrical journey; one becomes invested in the songs. Musically, the riffs are fresh and the signature Godsmack groove is alive and well throughout When Legends Rise. “Under Your Scars”, which takes things down a few notches in an almost ballad-like manner, is really the sole exception to the guys’ usual sound, but still a welcome addition to the recording.

You can’t go wrong with When Legends Rise. It may not be as heavy as The Oracle or 1000HP, but it’s still a solid rocker that deserves a listen.

When Legends Rise Track Listing:

01. When Legends Rise
02. Bulletproof
03. Unforgettable
04. Every Part of Me
05. Take It to the Edge
06. Under Your Scars
07. Someday
08. Just One Time
09. Say My Name
10. Let It Out
11. Eye of the Storm

Run Time: 38:16
Release Date: April 27, 2018

Check out Godsmack’s new single “Bulletproof” here.