The independent San Antonio, TX-based rock quintet, Gandhi’s Gun has been through a lot. In fact, their current line-up isn’t their original roster; it’s a new incarnation. The dual-vocal attack of Mik Rowe and Erin Rowe perfectly complements the synth/electronic-infused rock that emanates from the collective instruments of the other members, Preston Williams (guitar), D’Myke Damien (drums), and Mike Lopez (bass/keys). Following their third studio release, 2017’s The Changes We Face EP, the crew is back with more positive messages thanks to their brand new single “Through It All”. New music aside, the fivesome are also well-seasoned road warriors, so we asked the Texans for their advice on the best local Burger and Taco joints and got this killer must-eat-here list!

Said the band of the restaurants: “These are the best hole-in-the-wall burger and taco joints from the perspective of a rock band. To satisfy our cravings, each one of the places that have made it on our list offer something unique and are must-stops every time we travel through these areas. Try them all if you can!”

01. Roberto’s (San Antonio)
– Biggest and most awesome shredded beef burrito we’ve ever had! It’s even better when you get some of the free jalapenos and green salsa from the salsa bar (apply heavily). And did we mention they are big?! Crazy menu options as well… are you familiar with lingua? We haven’t taken that trip yet!

02. Longhorn Cafe (San Antonio)
– Best hole-in-the-wall burger joint in San Antonio. It’s a small joint but it packs a huge Burger! When we go, we like to order a double meat with a side of fried okra. Your food may take a few minutes to be prepared, but when you see the size of it and take a bite of it, you’ll understand! Be ready to wait in line because once people know about this place they keep going back!

03. Lolita’s (Waco)
– Lolita’s has the best queso on planet Earth. However, it’s not what you would think. It’s salsa with a massive blob of white cheese in the middle. But, stir it up, and it’s magic. Also, be sure to try their pink cake at the end of your meal. It’s incredible!

04. El Chaparrel (San Antonio)
– If beans are your thing, this is your place. Hands-down, without a doubt, the BEST refried beans in the world. AND, before your meal, they serve this little bowl of bean soup. Many refer to it as medicine. Not so sure about it being medicine, but we definitely feel better after eating at El Chap.

05. Chester’s (San Antonio)
– Great place if you like a good old-fashioned burger. Simple menu with stadium-like favorites, all very good. And, a great drink selection as well.

06. Kitok (Waco)
– Korean style, unique flare, and very good! This place has some of the most unique and tasty burgers. We used to go here in high school when we were planning to be late on getting back. 😉 It’s awesome!

Despite being “Through It All”, the band continue to release awesome new singles!

07. Hopdoddy Burger Bar (Austin)
– Piled-high burgers with some neat menu options. But what we love most are their truffle aioli French fries! Don’t know what it is about these things, but like the Pringles commercial says, “once you pop you can’t stop!” Word of advice, order plenty.

08. Chris Madrid’s (San Antonio)
– One word, CHEESE! Undoubtedly the best cheeseburger in South Texas. If you like cheese with your beef, this is your spot. And, they have some cool merchandise. Tie-dyed T’s, hats, all kinds of fun stuff to prove you were there. It’s cool enough to make a rock band jealous.

09. Las Palapas (San Antonio)
– Amazing bang for the buck. Easily one of our favorite places to order tasty tacos. AND, by far our favorite place to eat chips and salsa. They have red, green, and what we call “burnt red” salsa, all three of which are amazing. Last but not least, you have to try the chicken tortilla soup.

10. Eddie’s Taco House (San Antonio)
– Eddie’s easily has the largest assortment of tacos from which to satisfy your cravings. Our favorites are the shredded chicken and barbacoa. If you’re unfamiliar with barbacoa, it’s cheek meat from a cow! Regardless of what you might be thinking, it’s delicious and authentic. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did!


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