It’s been almost three years since the release of their 2015’s Divinity For The Wicked, so you knew Texas’ Funeral Horse was coming back soon. Well, they’re back with Psalms For The Mourning and the new track “Burial Under the Sun.” The band are back to offer up their true version of rock n’ roll under the extreme influence of the Melvins, Led Zeppelin, Kyuss and Harvey Milk.

“We took more time writing and recording this material, taking in the turmoil from touring and personal conflicts and the loss of some good friends along the way,” explains front man Paul Bearer. “We’ve kept to the roots of who we are but the band’s tours in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Mexico last year was another big factor in the amount of care and time we took with the album. Those tours exposed us to some amazing bands and people who have helped to share in what the band is today.”