Music fans take over Leeds on May 5th as one of the highlights of the live music calendar takes over the city. Live At Leeds will see a mouthwatering list of acts perform to fans at venues all over the city so we decided to have a chat to one of the local bands, Fizzy Blood to get their five bands they think you should be checking out on Saturday.

1. Demob Happy
We toured with these fellas at the end of last year. They’ve just released a new album that is packed with bangers, much like their first record which we’ve been a fan of since it came out. Definitely recommend checking these out.

Essential Track – Loosen It

2. Forever Cult
Another band we’ve been on tour with recently, are you spotting a theme yet? Class grungey rock. These boys like a good swill and if you go see them, you’ll be in the mood for one too.

Essential Track – Winters Glow

3. Heir
Good friends of ours, very different to the other bands we’ve already mentioned. If you like jangly guitars, wavy synths and groovy as fuck drumbeats, go have a dance to this.

Essential Track – Need You The Most

4. Avalanche Party
Fantastic local-fish band. Seen em once and still have vietnam style flashbacks to this day, they blew my dick off and sautéed it like an onion with their fuzzy post punk. Definitely the loudest set I’ve ever witnessed to date.

Essential Track – I’m So Wet

5. Spring King
Just because we haven’t done it enough, I thought we’d finish the list off with another band we’ve recently toured with. They’re gonna be bringing out some new stuff this year which sounds literally so sick. Garage-y and punky and just a load of fucking fun, also quite possibly the nicest men in music? Go down and ask Tarek to show you a magic trick

Essential Track – Detroit

Live At Leeds 2018 is a multi-venue festival taking place in Leeds City Centre on May 5th 2018. For further details and information, head to


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