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Formed in 2014, Lille, France-based punk rock quartet, Fall Flavored firmed up their current female-fronted roster in 2017 and are lead by guitarist and vocalist Yasmine Senoussi. A simple-but-fun band — which is rounded out by members Benji Delecourt (guitar), Pierre Burette (bass) and Philippe Baska (drums) — the team released their ten-track, self-produced album, 180, on February 15th. One to certainly check out if you’re a fan of all things punks, we’re now sampling the album with a free download of the single “Character in a Role Play”.

Speaking of the above-mentioned single, the band commented: “We’ve been a lot inspired by the manga’s world to write this one. The lyrics are focused on the otaku’s phenomenon, more particularly on those who live a great passion for those stories. So great that they end up disgusted by their own real life and give up on that to live in a fantastic world.”

180 Track Listing:

01. Epic & Colegram 03:43
02. Mountain of Rage 03:34
03. Nonsense 02:56
04. Character in a Role Play 03:40
05. Runaway 01:52
06. Sleep 03:35
07. Can’t be Beaten 04:17
08. Stuck in Life 03:06
09. Courtesy of Boris 03:30
10. Jump 03:05
11. Bonus – Character in a Role Play (short version) 03:10

Cut the “Nonsense”, watch this music video now!


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