There’s no way you don’t know “Last Resort,” Papa Roach’s first big hit, but you could never imagine the song in this way. The song was remixed by Los Angeles DJ and producer Kayzo, as part of a series of Geffen Records-released classic remixes. Kayzo offers a whole new sound and intensity to the classic track, building it up with massive drops and frenetic synth lines.

“When the idea came about to collaborate on ‘Last Resort’ and give it my own sound, I was completely blown away,” said Kayzo. “Papa Roach, among a handful of other bands, were really influential to me in my early teens when I really didn’t know anything about life. To be able to now be in a collaboration with the band still blows my mind.”

Kayzo’s new version of “Last Resort” has been met with a high level of enthusiasm from Papa Roach, which appeared on the band’s debut album Infest. “When we heard Kayzo’s remix of ‘Last Resort,’ we knew audiences all over the world would go off to this!” commented the band.