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Danielle Duval is a Canadian indie rocker known for her honest, emotive tunes framed within strong pop sensibilities. With two releases under her belt, shout-outs on CBC’s q, an interview and performance on “House of Strombo”, and bilingual marketability, she looks primed for a big breakout on the Canadian scene.

Following the January release of her sophomore album Lose It, we reached out to the Montreal born/Toronto-based artist to dish on the process of combining two of her songs into one video (with the help of fellow Canadian Christopher Mills), and what each song means to her individually. Peruse her two cents below, and make sure to grab a download of the track “Lose It”; a sharp, melodic indie rock burner soaked with warm, electro-synth inflexion.

Regarding the double-video, Duval notes: “‘Lose It’ and ‘Subway Wall’ were written at very different times, and to me were always about very different things. It was Christopher’s idea to bring the two songs together for this epic piece of video art. As soon as I fell witness to Christopher’s interpretation, I realized how closely knit the two songs really are. Music and lyrics, much like paint on a canvas or text in a book, should always be given room to speak for themselves, and room for the outsider’s imagination to make up its own mind. Christopher’s intuitive, perceptive commentary on my heart floored me. The presence of multi-dimensional, complex, intense layers is always inherent in Christopher’s work, and his insightful style turned out to be quite the accurate blueprint to my frenetic brain.”

Check out the double-track video extravaganza below.