Featuring past and present members of Biohazard, Cypress Hill, Downset and Fear Factory, the metal/hip-hop collective known as Powerflo is a supergroup of sorts. Powerflo released its debut album last year through New Damage Records, as produced by Josh Lynch and Billy Graziadei; Jay Baumgardner (Godsmack, Helmet, Papa Roach) handled mixing duties. However, this is not the first time that members of Powerflo — which includes rapper Sen Dog, guitarist Rogelio “Roy” Lozano, vocalist and guitarist Billy Graziadei, bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, and Worst drummer Fernando Schaefer — have collaborated. The roots of Powerflo go back to 1993 when Cypress Hill and Biohazard were both on the Judgement Night soundtrack and Sen Dog was on Biohazard’s State Of The World Address release; Christian and Roy later played on Cypress Hill’s Skull & Bones.

We had the pleasure of conducting Q&A with the mighty Sen Dog last year. Beyond some questions about Powerflo, the acclaimed emcee graciously answered a bit about his musical past while offering up some worthwhile “last words.”

Here is the “Where I Stay” music video by Powerflo.

How would you describe Powerflo to someone who hasn’t heard the band before?
Sen Dog: I would describe the Powerflo sound as a mixture of rap, metal, punk, rock, with a touch of electro, with rap and metal being the key ingredients to make it an overall metal sound.

When the band was coming together, was it the plan to be an “all-star band?” Or did that happen coincidentally?
Sen Dog: I didn’t plan for the band to be an all-star lineup, that just happened naturally. We have always reached out to each other in the past when I would need a bass player for anything, Christian was always willing to lend a hand and that has been the nature of my friendship with Roy and Billy as well. I never saw it as a supergroup till other people started saying that.

Of your bandmates in Powerflo, who did you meet first?
Sen Dog: Actually, Billy in 1994.

Do you have a favorite song on your debut LP?
Sen Dog: I don’t have a favorite song on the album. I love them all the same. I think each song has its own individual identity, while all fitting together as one piece of art.

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Both you and Billy were part of the Judgment Night soundtrack, which was arguably ahead of its time. Your band had two songs on the soundtrack. Was that an enjoyable part of your career?
Sen Dog: Yes, working on the Judgment Night soundtrack was very cool simply because of the great bands that were featured on that project and the enthusiasm of all who participated.

Is it true that you and Dave Lombardo, another participant in Judgment Night, grew up together? Did you and he ever play music together?
Sen Dog: Yes, it’s true that Dave Lombardo and I grew up in the same city of South Gate, California and we attended South Gate High School at the same time. I think I was 15 years old or so at the time when we met and I was in the same science class with Dave in 10th grade or so. We have never recorded together, but I hope to in the future.

Is there a career accomplishment that you are most proud of?
Sen Dog: I think the one thing I am most proud of is the longevity that our group of friends and brothers have been able to sustain in an ever-changing industry.

Powerflo release and shows aside, what’s coming up for you in your career?
Sen Dog: I would like to get into television and film in the future both on the acting and musical sides of things.

When not busy with work, how do you like to spend your free time? Any hobbies that we would never think that Sen Dog is into?
Sen Dog: I like to spend my free time exercising and riding with my motorcycle club and taking in sporting events here and there.

Finally, Sen Dog, any last words for the kids?
Sen Dog: As far as advice for all the kids out there, I would say first thing is to get an education, at least finish high school. I myself am a dropout and was fortunate to hang with friends that had the same dreams as I did; to do something great with our lives. But that won’t be the case for everyone, you must be prepared for whatever life throws your way and finally do not let anyone destroy your dreams. You must believe in yourself, even if no one else does.

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