On Cinco de Mayo, I had the opportunity to see an awesome show at Jewel Nightclub & Music Venue featuring a Vermont-based band, Stone Bullet and a local New Hampshire rock act, Cross The Divide.

Stone Bullet was great and had some talented musicians – the vocalist had a weathered but melodic voice not unlike Rancid’s Tim Armstrong. They also seemed to be having a lot of fun on stage – appropriate for their songs’ party atmosphere. There was a misstep during one cut, but they kept rolling with the punches and if you weren’t really looking, you probably missed it. Overall, the band provided some great hard rockin’ with a pinch of country and seemed excited to be there to open up the show. They’re also currently writing some new material, so that’s something to look forward to!

Watch Cross the Divide’s video for the heartwarming song “Sail on the Stars”.

Cross The Divide has been improving greatly over the last few years. With their hard-hitting musicianship and meaningful lyrics, they have been paving their way in rock music. With a sound that’s mostly their own, you’ll also hear pieces of bands that have inspired them along the way; such as Breaking Benjamin and the lighter moments of Trivium. That said, you will never meet a more humble, kind-hearted trio of guys and to top it off, they’re incredibly talented musicians.

While the set was somewhat short at just seven songs, they played their hearts out. You could feel their passion through every line sung and every chord played. You could see it on vocalist/guitarist Zach Paquette’s face; he never stopped smiling, he was just so happy to be doing something he loved so much. You could see the passion as Chase Paquette played bass and helped lead the song “Reach”. Lastly, you could feel the energy from Eric Sheppard as he pumped up the crowd with his drum work. This was actually Eric’s first live show with Zach and Chase, but you never would’ve known it; the three meshed incredibly well and Eric was definitely at home up there on stage.

The show was great for all these aspects. On top of all that they had great stage presence, with Zach and Chase jumping off their self-made lit-up risers and playing sequences together. Zach provided some amazing guitar solos, making something difficult for most seem completely simple. Solos that would fit in any Bullet For My Valentine song. Chase laid out a tight rhythm foundation – including a mini solo of his own – and Eric moved around his drum set with great flow and skill. They engaged with the longtime fans and made it memorable for people seeing them for the first time. As an example, they made sure to make eye contact with all of us and offer smiles. They also played right up close, wordlessly engaging with the audience face-to-face and showing appreciation for every single person watching. It didn’t matter that the venue was made for 420 guests with only 50 people in it, they played the show as if it were a stadium.

After their set, the guys walked around and met with several fans. They were kind and welcoming to anyone who wanted to talk to them, discussing their music and journey in a humble manner. All in all, Cross the Divide are an awesome rock band who simply love what they do – and passion goes a long way. We can expect some big things from them in the near future, so check them out below!

Cross The Divide’s Setlist:

01. Approaching
02. Hostage
03. Fearless We Rise
04. Sail on the Stars
05. Reach
06. Blood and Breath
07. The Perfect Storm