Georgia’s Black Tusk have offered another preview of their new album T.C.B.T. with a stream for the new song “Agali”. The track is a nearly four-minute fury of metal and hardcore punk dedicated to the departed.

Regarding the track, the band said, “Simply put, Agali means ‘to return.’ I learned of the word from the bandmates of Victoria Scalisi, she passed away from cancer this year along with another of our close friends Jake Trout. Victoria and her bands inspired us to do what we do today and her and Jake were family to us. This song to us is about passing on and your spirit and energy returning itself into the lives of the people who were close to you and even the lives of complete strangers. Our time here is short and when our bodies pass on, hopefully the good things that we have done and the ideas we have spread will return. So this song is dedicated to the memories of Jake and Victoria, may you always return.”