UK alt-rock icons Basement have been making their rounds across the globe with headlining tours and festival appearances nonstop since the release of their third studio album, Promise Everything, and their signing to Fueled By Ramen. Taking along original label-mates Citizen for another tour “like old times,” Basement’s latest headline tour was one for the books. They made a stop at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT a couple years back, making this time around round two for the band’s CT headlining history.

Due to weather and traffic, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch supporting acts Souvenirs or Pronoun, though I heard from fans around the venue that they were exceptional additions to this tour package. Making it to the show with just a little time to spare before Citizen’s grand entrance, the crowd was already expanded from wall to wall, wrapping around the sound booth in the back and taking over the seating area stationed house right. When the band stepped on and broke out into the opening track to their cult-favourite album, Youth, fans gave it their all. Seeing as the group now has two full-length releases after Youth, I was surprised to see a great portion of the setlist be songs off of that record. They played star tracks from the latest album As You Please, like “In The Middle of it All” and my personal favourites “Medicine” and “Ugly Luck”, as well. Though this was technically Basement’s headlining show, it was very obvious that both Basement and Citizen fans go hand-in-hand.

Watch Basement’s official “Aquasun” video here.

Basement is an act that always performs at their best and gets better with each show. The countless times that I’ve seen them live, though their setlist is often predictable, their performance is always more than satisfying. Starting off with their classic opener “Whole”, the crowd went ballistic at the crack of the opening guitar riff. They played a perfect mixture of fan favourites off every major full-length, like “Earl Grey”, “Aquasun,” and “Pine” to name some of the most popular. Between all of the crowdsurfing, stage diving, and exuberant lyric-screaming, Basement fans go harder than anyone else. Whether the band is opening for a more mellow act like their label-mates The Front Bottoms or taking part in their own headlining tour, Basement’s shows are unmatched if you’re looking for a solid rock show experience.

Though Basement’s US headline run has ended, the band will be making appearances at many festivals throughout the year–including the US’ Bled Fest and Lollapalooza — as well as a European run with Touché Amore.