Los Angeles triphop/ambient rock/electronic artist Alezzandra has released a new track called “Bad Woman.” Alezzandra is an interesting woman, inspired by artists such as David Lynch, Portishead and Cat Power who has a great interest in art, music, literature, feminism and movement. She combines her style and influences to create beats, dark ambience, hypnotic rhythms, and soulful vocals.

“Bad Woman” is a song that tells the story of Alezzandra’s transition from a low-point in her life to a strong, confident woman. When she was writing this song, she found herself at a low, self-confidence wise and “Bad Woman” represents her transition from an innocent, timid and shy young girl to a powerful, confident and self-assured young woman. The song is a dedication to a man who prompted the change in Alezzandra and who ultimately had to get out of her life in order for her to embark on a new path which resulted in her new EP The Black Rose.