Tokio Myers hit the limelight in 2017 when he won TV talent show Britain’s Got Talent. Unsurprisingly his album, Our Generation, which followed the win rocketed up the chart and put the pianist on the lips of music fans across the UK.

Walking into a busy O2 Academy and clapping eyes on his set up it would seem that pigeonholing the musician as just a pianist is certainly doing him an disservice and also, it would seem, explaining why punters picked him as the winner of BGT. This is a man with a serious amount of musical weaponary at his fingers tips and, judging by the way he launches himself off the top of the piano at the start of his set, this was going to be an interesting experience for all in attendance.

In fact “experience” is probably the best word to describe Tokio Myers’ show. It’s an experience that pulls on your senses both sonically and visually as Myers lurches between drum kits, electronic kits and his piano while, behind him, a wall of video screens flash into life alongside the hypnotic sound of his music. With a set collated from his Our Generation album, Myers matches it with a visual style that is as hypnotising as his music and, by the end of the night, leaves you wondering quite where this hugely talented artist is going to take this.


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