Tamás Kátai’s progressive studio project, Thy Catafalque have released a track called “Töltés” from the new album called Geometria. This is the third new track off the new record and beautifully showcases the vocal talents of Martina Veronika Horvath (Niburta).

Regarding the track, Tamás Kátai commented, “Töltés’ is a song about home. Getting back to where we are coming from, where we will always belong, where are roots are. Whenever I re-visit my old little town in the south of Hungary I feel myself safe and in a state of natural peace – I know I’m home. Vocals by Martina Veronika Horváth, courtesy of Nulah, and ex-vocalist of Niburta, the owner of a beautiful voice. Also, musically Töltés is based on exactly the same melody as the end of Szamojéd Freskó – on the album they follow each other without pause. This track is a different take on the same motif, another path to explore.”